Battle of the TechBands

April 1999 - Great American Music Hall

In the early days of my career I worked at PeopleSoft (acquired by Oracle) with a lot of people who had been developing technology long before I was able to explain what a RDBMS was. The founder of our company, Dave Duffield, was and still is a great leader. He has since gone on to Co-found another succesfull company called WorkDay. One of my co-workers was a musician who was stoked to learn that a company band was being formed. They were looking for people to jam with and join the band. The Raving Daves were named after our fearless founder and weekly jam sessions were a great way to unwind. Eventually I found my way on stage with the band playing a tambourine in one of my favorite jam sessions of all time at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA. What a night that was! @moonalice was on fire that night.