Some Areas Of Interest

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The FinTech Fisherman

FinTech can mean a lot of different things. My interest in this sector is aligned with software solutions that protect enterprises and serve consumers in inclusive and accessible formats.


Built World / Real Estate

Real Estate is the largest asset class in the world. Verticals within this global market segment that are being transformed include Real Estate Buy/Sell Side, IOT & Smart Buildings, Construction, Visualization, Interior Design, and Tenant Experience.

Transportation of Everything

I am very interested in the transportation of people, packages, products and data on earth and in space. Our climate is negatively impacted by transportation. I want to help solve for that problem. 

Tomorrows Enterprise

Let's take a look at the edge of todays most interesting developments in enterprise software and discuss how you will transform tomorrows wave of emerging industry leaders with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum and Data Science.

Consumer Marketplace Evolved

Consumer Marketplaces are evolving rapidly and growth in this area continues to be reflective of consumers desire for personalization, community and ease of use. Big ideas win so let's talk about what interests you have and how you plan to change the landscape. Better yet, lets discuss how you plan to invent an ecosystem that does not exist.